Online Video Slot Software Developers


The history of slots can be a long and boring one if you are not really into the game. If you are an avid player, then the online slots can be exciting and even slightly addictive if you get used to them. This has created an entire army of programmers to work day and night trying to make themselves the next big thing when it comes to online gambling. Many companies have come up in this effort but a few are worth mentioning as they have proven over and over their output is of the highest quality.

Why are they important?

You may be wondering why we are talking about the companies that develop the game and not just the games themselves. Well just like any brand in any business, it matters who created the software that controls the game you play. Why do you gravitate to a specific chain restaurant when you visit a new city. You are sure they will serve you the same meal in the same way without complications. Well, the same goes for developers. The best companies release smooth running games that are proving to be fair and have great animations and graphics run smoothly.

The big dogs

We cannot list all of the software developers here, but we will talk of some of the most significant ones.


Let’s start with the pioneer of online gaming and the first online casino. The company Microgaming is one of the best since it started. At first, it wasn’t too popular until online gaming became a trend. They kept afloat by licensing their games to other companies. This gave them a plant of time to spend on creating and improving their games. They are now not only the pioneers of the industry but the most significant company yet.  They built the first progressive online slot machine.


While they were a bit late in the game Play tech did not come to play with the big dogs. In a matter of a few years, they found their footing and are now on par with the pioneers. The company is famous for it’s a Marvel-themed game such as Iron Man and the fantastic four. The online video developers acquired one of the well-established companies Ash Gaming further cementing their position in the industry.

Net Ent

Who said online gaming has to be boring and predictable. This company is well known for fantastic graphics and massively original games. They come up with unique themes and do not give the ordinary slot games a monotonous look. Net Entertainment provides other games but genuinely flourish in the slots section. They have some viral slot games online.

Bet Soft

This is another company that will show you how originality is important to players. The company is not as large as the others but is making a name for itself slowly.


This is one of the best companies when it comes to providing gaming solutions. Many players may not know about it, but it is well known by online casinos. It is one of the best gaming solution providers in the industry.